The Correct Way of Exercising

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Exercise is not only important for our body, but it is also, in fact, essential for having a fully healthy and functional body. The sad part is that people do not pursue exercise, and they only do it occasionally and don’t include it in their lifestyle. They instead lead sedentary lifestyles, which means they spend most of their time sitting while working, or sitting long periods after watching tv or playing the computer. This is a very risky lifestyle because sitting is now labeled as the new smoking, because of the chronic health hazards it can cause us.

The benefits of exercise and the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle is reason enough for us to exercise. It is important to include it in our lifestyle, as experts Podiatry Red Hill implies; learn how to exercise properly and finally start the road to health and fitness.


1. Wear Right

Exercising rightly doesn’t require fancy sports gears, it only requires comfortable clothing and the right shoes. For clothing, you have to find clothes that are not tight because it can restrict your movements and flow of blood. Regarding footwears, wear shoes that are comfortable to wear to prevent foot injuries. Also buy the appropriate one for your exercise  because it can affect your how you run and execute, as expert podiatrist Enoggera says.

2. Stretch and Warm Up

Before we begin any workout, it is important to stretch our bodies and most especially, to warm up. There is, however, conflicting statements about the effectivity of Stretching. Whether it prevents injuries or not, you should stretch because it promotes flexibility, which is a good thing in itself.

Warming up is also very important because it allows the body to adapt and brace itself for a rigorous activity that is about to come up. Do a minor version of the exercise before proceeding to the main session; for example, if you want to play basketball, dribble around and do simple shooting first.

3. Do Aerobic/Cardio Workouts

Whatever exercise regimens we want to uphold, it is important to do cardio workouts first. This serves us our foundation, so we could do more and have the stamina for more complex exercises. Cardio workouts give strength to your heart and lungs. Cardio exercises are less intense than other types of exercises, but it can last longer. An example of Cardio Workouts is jogging, swimming, jumping jacks, and several others.

4. Do Anaerobic Workouts

Anaerobic workouts are more intense than aerobic exercises, but they only last for a shorter period. Anaerobic workout intends to build the strength of your muscles and your whole body. Anaerobic Workouts are also an excellent way to lose weight. Examples of Anaerobic Workouts our sprinting, lifting weights, squats, push-ups and several others. If you are just starting, make sure you start slow because going fast immediately can shock some parts of your body and could acquire injury, as expert Podiatrist Kelvin Grove implies.

5. Try Other Forms of exercises

After conquering aerobic and anaerobic workouts, you now have the strength and the capabilities to explore other forms of exercise. Examples of other exercises are Core muscle exercise, which strengthens your abdomen and back; balance and flexibility exercises, and many others.

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